After one year of trip preparation, three intense months spent abroad, a year and a half of reflective work done at the studio and two months of organizing the event, I would like to share the celebration and present to you my solo exhibition "Peekaboo, Asia". The series of drawings, paintings and collages that make up the exhibition serves as a response to my recent stay in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, that was possible thanks to the George T. Dorsch Award grant I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2012. The body of work consists of a mix of over 100 journalistic, expressionistic and political art pieces.

The exhibition "Peekaboo, Asia" was possible thanks to support I received through Kickstarter. The show took place on March 26th-29th on Lower East Side in NYC, at Parasol Projects.


Below is the work that made up the exhibition, mostly done on site while traveling. Work is available for purchase.