Interior Spaces

Jerusalem in progress_sm.jpg


In this series I explore the idea of the tangibility of spaces that we, as social individuals, pass through daily in our lives. Sometimes we have a feeling of belonging to particular spaces, sometimes consider certain spaces our own, and sometimes feel that we don’t belong anywhere. Since I tend to not have a feeling of belonging to places in my daily life, I seek to grasp onto specific physical environments, allowing them to become palpable in my itinerant life.



"There is immense beauty in the vibrant colors used which do very well with capturing the warmth of mood and atmosphere that you feel when looking into her works. When I say looking “into”, I mean exactly that. It’s almost as if you are looking out from a window into her light inspired pieces. They are gently brushed depictions of calming interior spaces that make you escape the reality of the world currently enfolding you. While the nature of your environment can influence your feeling or frame of mind it can also say a lot about who you are. If you look long enough into any one of her works, you will get a sense of the type person who may inhabit the color infused spaces in this collection. Raisa Nosova accurately captures both the character of space and personality in each of these pieces."

          -Stephen Geriqques, founder of Galerie Project