Female Line of my family.jpg

The series “Female Line of My Family” addresses the importance of women’s bloodline in our society. A daughter-to-mother bond is one of the most unique biological bonds, which brings the daughter closer to her mother, her mother’s mom and the rest of women on that strand of the family whether they are alive or not. It seems that these days only the relation between daughter and mother is given any value, and not the deeper-rooted relationship, which connects a girl and her femininity closer to her female ancestors. It is perhaps due to our society being male dominant that instead we give that attention to the male bloodline, passing down family name from father to son and not from mother to daughter. In this body of work I capture myself, my sister, my mom, her mom and the following two mothers on our family tree, females to whom I have a direct physical connection. I am titling each work with the woman’s first and last name, giving us the family name derived from my great great-grandmother, unfortunately the furthest in my family history I could trace back to.